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Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game ‘Sugartown’ with Ora NFTs

Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game ‘Sugartown’ with Ora NFTs

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The renowned mobile game developer, Zynga unveils its plans to release Sugartown, a web3 game utilizing Ora NFTs

This week starts with some exciting news as Zynga, the pioneer in mobile games and biggest developer, revealed its first game Sugartown. The web3 game Sugartown will utilize Ethereum NFTs. Moreover, the company plans to roll out 10,000 Ora NFTs this year. Zynga captured the spotlight after releasing one of the first handful of games on Facebook in 2009. The developer attracted over 80 million players to their titles Farmville and Words With Friends.

After making public their intention to explore blockchain-based gaming in late 2021, the publisher has kept relatively quiet about the progress of this endeavor since early 2022. The previous year saw the massive acquisition of Zynga by Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive for a reported $12.7 billion. In addition to the acquisition, there were hints of future cooperation between the two companies in the field of blockchain-based video games.

Zynga has made history by releasing the first big mobile game built from scratch as a Web3 game. Sugartown is an Ethereum-based platform offering a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

Sugartown Storyline

The overall story of Sugartown centers around three farm animals that deliberately allowed strange creatures known as Ora’s through a vortex into the city from another realm. These Ora’s utilize their imagination to make Sugartown a lively area full of activities and entertainment. These Ora NFTs will not only grant entrance to Sugartown but also to the free-to-play minigames featured within it. To further improve and broaden their gaming experience, players can “stake” or lock their Ora NFTs for in-game money. The virtual currency used in the game is not a crypto asset.

To enter Sugartown, participants must present their ERC-721 Ora token as evidence of ownership. Staking Oras yields energy, which can be spent on Sugartown’s many games to win Sugar, the in-game money used to purchase enticing bonuses.

Matt Wolf, the vice president of Zynga web3 expressed his joy in a statement:

“We’re excited to launch Sugartown both as Zynga’s first Web3 game and as the first new Web3 game with an original IP by a major mobile game developer. Zynga has always been at the forefront of innovation. With Sugartown, we aim to empower players through a sustainable Web3 platform full of fun and enduring games. We created Sugartown to appeal to a native Web3 market but with the ambition of scaling much wider over time while we build a passionate and engaged community of holders, we hope will enjoy this experience as much as we loved bringing it to life.”

Sugartown will Transform Overtime to Appeal to Zynga’s Audience

A dynamic experience with lots of in-game prizes and engaging storytelling, Sugartown will be presented later this year. Players will be able to produce their own Oras. You’ll need an Ora to take part in Sugartown’s free-to-play minigames. Sugartown, being a Web3 game, will develop over time to meet the needs of Zynga’s user base.

“As Web3 rapidly grows and evolves, it’s challenging to keep up with the shifting regulatory landscape and ensure that game economies operate in an ethical, compliant manner,” said Catherine Mylinh, chief growth officer at Forte, in a statement. “Zynga and Forte both share a commitment to robust compliance and proper licensing to create lasting, sustainable economic opportunities for the player community, and protect all parties involved in the ecosystem.”

This is huge for Forte, which has been relatively silent since raising $725 million in venture capital funding in 2021. Forte’s main goal is to serve as a platform for blockchain-based gaming.

A carefully planned advertising effort on Twitter and Discord first broke the news of Sugartown to the Web3 community. Wolf will be the featured guest at a Twitter Spaces event by the Sugartown team for the official announcement. It will allow for additional conversation and participation.

Final Thoughts

Given these stunning analyses, Zynga’s shift to Web3 can be viewed as a calculated attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of blockchain-based video game platforms. Tokenizing in-game assets and creating a more autonomous gaming economy are two potential outcomes of this shift.

It is unclear how “Sugar Town” would implement Web3 protocols. However, Zynga’s debut in the Web3 realm could serve as a blueprint for other major players in the sector, given its background. Zynga is paving the way for a more promising future in decentralized gaming, and they won’t be the only ones.

Summary: Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game ‘Sugartown’ with Ora NFTs

Discover Zynga’s innovative Web3 game ‘Sugartown,’ a vibrant realm with Ethereum-based Ora NFTs. Gaming evolution at its finest!

Sugartown, an Ethereum-based game with Ora NFTs made by the well-known mobile game developer Zynga, is its first Web3 game. After making groundbreaking mobile games like Farmville and Words With Friends, Zynga will release Sugartown. Players will use Ora NFTs to enter and bet, which will make the game more fun. The story of the game is about how creative beings called Oras change Sugartown into a lively realm. Zynga’s move to Web3 shows how committed it is to innovation. It could change the direction of the industry and pave the way for blockchain-based games. The release of Sugartown shows that Zynga wants a Web3 platform that will last and be fun for a long time.

The renowned mobile game developer, Zynga unveils its plans to release Sugartown, a web3 game utilizing Ora NFTs
Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game 'Sugartown' with Ora NFTs 2

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Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game ‘Sugartown’ with Ora NFTs

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Zynga Unveils Ethereum-based Web3 Game ‘Sugartown’ with Ora NFTs

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